All the metal parts of CIAO.LUMA jewelry are Stainless Steel, 925 Sterling Silver or Brass.

The gold combinations are plated with a thick layer of 18-karat and 24-karat gold. 

Please not, that with time the plating will be worn off. This is normal and no reason for a claim.

Here are some ideas to treat your jewelry that it lasts a lifetime:


Many of our pieces are made with real shells, freshwater pearls, gemstones and glass beads. Protect your jewelry by stowing each piece individually in a pouch or soft material. So this is how you can prevent them from breakage, scratching or tangling.

Protect Your Jewelry: 

We highly recommend to avoid lotion, hairspray and other cosmetics to be in contact with your jewelry.

Please do not wear your jewelry while sleeping and doing sports.

Avoid exposing your jewelry to water, salt, sun, chlorine and other chemicals.

Cleaning Your Plated Jewelry: 

Protect your gold plated jewelry to keep it’s shine by cleaning and polishing each piece regularly. Avoid substances that aren’t PH neutral.