Ciao Ragazzi,

I’m Stephie, founder and designer of CIAO.LUMA .

If you would like to know more about the story of my jewelry label, feel free to read these lines.

To be honest, I’m crazy about jewelry and accessories since I’m a little girl. I think I was six years old, when I made my first own jewelry out of paper, with a creative set for kids called „Perlendesigner“.

From time to time I produced some necklaces and bracelets for my own, always dreaming about my own jewelry label. But I was never brave enough to build my own business.

In 2020, when I was pregnant and just two months before the birth, I suddenly decided to do it anyway. So I was sitting on our balcony in Hamburg from morning until night, ordered all the materials I needed and started designing the first pieces of CIAO.LUMA.
Of course I already had a name for my two babies: LUMA.

And why CIAO? My daughter has Italian roots. Her daddy/my man is Italian and we are living la dolce vita.

Traveling is my passion and the world is where I get inspirations for designs, which are all different but ensure the perfect break in style. I like extraordinary things which emphasize my signature style.

You say it doesn’t match? I say it’s merely a matter of the right styling!

I hope you love my styles, which are handcrafted in Hamburg, just for you.